Modern Days

Zelda // by Jeff Hill

A bird does not sing because it has the answer. It sings because it has a song.

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.

I just wanna grow wings one day and fly away from all these miserable moments…

This made my night. LOL!

This made my night. LOL!

Speaking of the Grudge…

In the living room of my apt. in Turlock…

Me: So, what would you do if the “Grudge” comes out of your closet in the middle of the night?

Jimmy: I’d make love with her.

Me: WTF?! LMAO!!!

Jimmy: Yeah! I wouldn’t want to die a virgin!

*Thinks* Hmm… it sorta make sense… she’s not bad looking anyways… it’s just her voice and the way she walks.

Me: Ahaha!!! alright, you win. XD

500 Years Stonebridge

I was watching Reign of Assassins yesterday and this caught my attention, “Before one of Buddha’s disciple became a monk, he met a beutiful girl and fell in love with her.  Buddha asked him, ‘How much do you love her?’  He answerd that he will turn into a stone bridge and endure 500 years of wind, 500 years of sunlight, and 500 years of rain.  He only asked for the girl to walk over that bridge.”

Sleeping Pattern

Darn it!  Screwed up my sleeping pattern from that one night where I stayed up til 9am playing Tekken… I could really use a tranquilizer. >_<